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Yoga on the Patio
in Old Town Temecula

Intimate Outdoor Setting   Practice to LIVE Rock n Roll Oldies 


With deep breathing, Yoga expands the lung capacity enabling the body to use 100 percent of the lungs.  In Yoga practice, we utilize the power of the breath.  Therefore, we are taught to breathe properly.  

In Yoga, we unite the body, mind, & spirit, while tapping into the inner core of one's power, which aids us in recognizing the strength of our own mind, body & spirit:  

Our physical power, which is developed through a flow of Power Yoga poses, along with breath control, resulting in an improvement of the body's natural strength, health & flexibility.

Our mental power or focus, which is disciplined during the course of one's practice as it clears the mind of unorganized thoughts and helps the self to concentrate on mindfulness. 

Our spiritual power, the driving force behind one's physical and mental power, is nurtured, allowing complete mastery of one's thought and actions. 

It is through Power Yoga that a person can achieve total unity as it connects the body, mind, and spirit in the deepest level. When we learn to control our breathing, we can learn to control the movement of our muscles, and move as one, therefore, creating stillness in motion (a meditation in motion).  Through controlling the breath, we also enhance our endurance, build stamina & become better athletes.  

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