Creator of Bootie Camp Yoga®  • Temecula Yoga in the Vines®

Monday, Aug 7th: 

9am Bootie Camp Yoga®  @ The Patio *by RSVP Sign Up

Tuesday, Aug 8th:
4pm  Bootie Camp Yoga® (level 1-2) @ Cloud Nine Yoga (Xtra)

Wednesday, Aug 9th:
6:15pm Power Flow® Booty MIX (Int/Adv) @ The Patio by RSVP  Sign Up  

Saturday, Aug 5th: 
7:30am Power Flow Booty Mix (Int/Adv) @ The Patio *by RSVP Sign Up
12pm  Bootie Camp Yoga® (level 1-2) @ Cloud Nine Yoga (Xtra)


Sunday, Aug 6th:
4pm Beach Yoga @La Jolla Shores 
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Sunday, Aug 6th: 4pm Beach Yoga @La Jolla Shores Sign Up


Basic Power Flow 

This class is a Vinyasa/Hatha style blend of Power Yoga, and is suited to all levels.  The focus is on the basics and as you move through each pose, the importance of alignment, and the integrity of each pose is explained, with several variations offered to each pose, The basics are used as stepping stones to a more difficult variation of each pose or balance, incorporating deep hip opening & elongating of the spine.  You will be walked through being mindful of what your body is accomplishing, while stressing the importance of awareness of one’s own physical limitations. This makes the class suitable for beginners, and VERY challenging for those who regularly practice Yoga.  

Power Flow & Balance II-III

This class is  more vigorous, as it incorporates both Vinyasa style (continuous movement through asanas) which builds heat and promotes a feeling of well-being and strength through postures) and Hatha style which incorporates breath & muscle control in holding challenging poses & balances, while emphasizing proper alignment & deep hip opening & elongating of the spine. This class is for the intermediate & advanced practitioner & should be taken only after becoming familiar with basic yoga poses & for those who regularly practice Yoga.  In this class we also incorporate the arm balances in flow, taught in the Balance class.

This is a class for the intermediate-advanced practitioner

Bootie Camp Yoga® Classic

Created by Yoga & Fitness Instructor, Michelle Trabelsi... This class is FUN & will kick your BOOTAY!

Bootie Camp Yoga is an all-level Power Yoga based class, combined w/ traditional Yoga (Power Flow & Balance), core work & strength training using power of the body & breath, with “much” emphasis on the Bootie!

Bootie Camp Yoga is a safe, non-cardio & slow flow class emphasizing breath & muscle control, alignment & mental focus. In Bootie Camp Yoga you will develop a basic Yoga foundation as well as, a strong, healthy body & mind. You’ll leave feeling strong, invigorated & mentally clear with & a tight round Bootie in the works!  This class is ALL about the Derriere'!  

This is an All-level class

Bootie Camp Yoga® EXtreme

Light hand weights are infused into this 60 minute Bootie Camp Yoga® class.

Bootie Camp Yoga® Intensive

This is a 90 minute version of the original Bootie Camp Yoga® & a bit more INTENSE as we flow in & out of intermediate-advanced arm & leg balances  This class scultps the entire body!!!  Be prepared to SWEAT!

This is a level II-III class

"Inspired by Grace" Gentle Yoga Flow

This is a gentle flow class (usually held outdoors) inspired by carefully selected quotes & music, based on God's word, reflecting some of Michelle's favorite topics such as, Love, Grace, Peace, Kindness, Forgiveness, Faith, Hope & Truth.  A beautiful & peaceful way to start your day!

This is an All-level class

Restorative YIN Yoga

This class is a Vinyasa/Hatha Power Yoga based class infused with both YIN & YANG style, and is suited to the level I-II yoga practitioner. The focus is on slow movement through each asana, incorporating deep hip opening & elongating of the spine.  Deeply stretching the muscles, ligaments & connective tissues & using the power of controlling the breath to hold your body in each asana.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is an ancient form of yoga that strengthens the body. Yin Yoga develops the body so you can comfortably hold positions for a longer time. Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice.

Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. Yin Yoga generally targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine, and is stretched due to the length of time you hold the poses. Blankets & props are used in a heated room. Practicing Yin Yoga is "Essential" for those who wish to deepen their practice for further growth.

This is a level I-II class