Mayhem© 36x48
Purple Rain© 24x36

Blue Haired Pity Party©  8x8

 Vulnerability© 11 3/4x18 3/4 SOLD

Cirque du Soleil© 36x48

 Reckless Abandonment©  24x48

 My Colorful Life©  24x48

Chaos© 24x36
Autumn Drizzle© 20x30 SOLD

 Embrace©   12x12

 Serendipity©  16x20

Exhale© 20x30
Life in a Glass Jar 16x20
Origami© 12x36

Hope©  20x30 (SOLD)

 Rehab©  18x24 SOLD

Justice© 8x8 SOLD

Wanderlust©  36x48

Namaste©  20x30 SOLD
LOVE 2'x8'
Michelle Trabelsi, Artist

Michelle’s Life & Art style is eclectic & colorful.  Artistically, she is inspired by Pablo Picasso & Eddie Von Liebel.  Her soul is inspired by Audrey Hepburn & others that spend their lives giving to those who suffer or have less… Athletically, She is inspired those who have the determination & courage to persevere through great odds.

Art, Design & Creativity literally run through her veins. Although she was separated from her birth family the first 29 years of her life, her mother & 3 sisters are Artists & Yogi’s in Aspen, Los Angeles & Hawaii.

For Michelle, creating & painting is as therapeutic as practicing yoga & martial arts.  Her paintings are inspired by brilliant colors & depth.  All of her paintings are several layers deep, with colorful backgrounds peeking through.  Her backgrounds are most brilliant in good light & usually have something to do with LoVe, which she incorporates throughout her paintings. She expresses her LoVe of Life through Art.

Michelle is also a National Fitness Educator, Martial Artist & creator of Bootie Camp Yoga®, the latest Power Yoga fitness craze in fitness centers throughout Southern California, Las Vegas, several other states & Canada. Her program was featured in the August 2015 issue of American Fitness Magazine, as well has been featured on a San Diego News channel. Look for her upcoming video series & yoga apparel & hard good line incorporating her abstract designs!