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National Educational Provider: YACEP, AFAA, ACE & NAFC

Michelle Trabelsi’s love for intense physical & mental discipline originated over 23 years ago in the Martial Art of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, where her daily practice embraced mindfulness though intense mental focus & balance.

Michelle, began teaching Power Yoga over 13 years ago.  She incorporates much of the philosophy of Soo Bahk Do into her teachings such as, the importance of breath control & using the exhale for power, balance & endurance.  She blends Vinyasa & Hatha into a style of Yoga she calls Power Flow & Balance, with much focus on the basics, and offers several variations for each pose, emphasizing complete mind & body presence, while stressing the importance of awareness of one’s own physical limitations Alignment is a huge emphasis as well as the importance of elongating the spine & deep hip opening poses.

Michelle, a lululemon ambassador and E-RYT, is also the creator of Bootie Camp Yoga®, a Power Yoga based class emphasizing breath & muscle control, focus & balance, usinthe resistance of one’s own body, while completely sculpting the butt & core. Bootie Camp Yoga® has become the latest Power Yoga fitness craze in fitness centers throughout Southern California, Las Vegas, and other cities in the US & Canada! Michelle has been featured in a handful of local publications,  San Diego Morning News & american Fitness Magazine.

Michelle has taught all aspects of group fitness for two decades, including the art of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan (she holds 2 back belts), Boot Camp & Boxing. Michelle has dedicated her teachings solely to her Yoga practice, inspiring others to incorporate Yoga into their daily life.  She suffers multiple injuries to her low back & hip.  Practicing Power Yoga every single day, is a HUGE part of her life that she loves to share with others. Deep yoga poses, elongating of the spine & opening up of the hips are a crucial part of her daily life.  Power Yoga is Michelle’s drug of choice as it helps alleviate the daily chronic pain she endures, and keeps the body, mind & soul healthy.  Yoga gives this former adrenaline junkie the endorphin release her body needs to keep in shape & deal with daily stress!

Michelle, 52, is a mother of 3 & enjoys outdoor activities, including cliff climbing, hiking, backpacking, kayaking & paddle boarding.  She is also an up & coming Abstract Artist.  She is most inspired by brilliant colors & depth, as you will notice in backgrounds of the paintings she creates.

Michelle is also passionate about using her Yoga platform raise awareness for a good cause.  Among her favorite charities are: Project Touch, Hearts 4 ALS, & Yoga for Hope San Diego & Temecula Yoga 4 Hope in the Vines, which she created 6 years ago, and hosts every Spring.

"when you embrace challenge, you embrace change" ~michelle trabelsi


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"After losing a lung fourteen years ago, I struggled often with stamina and especially leg strength.  Bottie Camp Yoga was the format that increased my stamina and leg strength in such a powerful way.  It opened up new possibilities for me physically which helped increase my confidence and self-esteem. And of course, it brought my bootie back". April 1, 2017 ~Jamin Osborne


How Yoga Changed My Life

In the spring of 2013, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and an anxiety disorder. My doctor put me on methimazole supposedly for the rest of my life to slow down the production of my thyroid hormones as well as Xanax to calm me down during my panic attacks. I've heard that yoga can help to relax and calm me down so I ended up attending fit yoga with Michelle Trabelsi (the gorgeous yoga guru with the dangerous curves). After 3 months of practicing yoga, the doctor stated that my thyroid is in remission and that I should stop taking my thyroid pills. Every 6 months I have my thyroid function tested and it has always come back normal. I learned how to breathe during stressful situation, my anxiety is now under control and does not progress to a panic attack unlike before. I enrolled in yoga classes for my anxiety disorder but it also gave me the bonus of healing my thyroid. At 55, I never thought that I could be able to do the splits or a headstand. I thank the good Lord for all the blessings & finding Michelle who helped me fulfill my intention at every practice..."To live a stress free and tranquil life" June 4, 2016 ~Leni Escolano


Michele Trabelsi is amazing.  Love-Love-Love her Booty Camp Yoga (BCY) and Yoga classes. Michele and her instructors make you feel comfortable not matter what level.


I am 56 with several health issues. Since joining Michele's classes over a year ago, I no longer have pain in my feet, my neck and arms no longer cause me issues, I have almost been able to eliminate my medications ... and not-to-mention how MUCH my husband likes the results of the BCY and Yoga!! (Yes, definitely helps the booty)

The studio is old town Temecula is so nice.  I am not one for big classes and Michele's studio provides the perfect class size. It is fun to go and work out with Michele and other new found BCY/YOGA friends.  Hear the Yoga is the Vines is good too.... I just haven't made it there yet. 

It is critical as we get older to get on a consistent exercise schedule and Michele realizes that as well and constantly works to award that to her clients.  Not only is Michele an excellent instructor but, she also has several others whom she trained in her own methods... Such as Morgan Kramer, who is also an excellent and easy to follow instructor.  

perfect class for both someone looking to get back in shape and the experienced fitness buff.


I have been taking bootie camp yoga classes for 2 years now and what a transformation it has made to my body, especially my backside!  Michelle and her choreography get me in all the right places.  After only a few short months, my husband even noticed the difference.  This is the perfect class for both someone looking to get back in shape and the experienced fitness buff.


Michelle is amazing! She teaches at all levels and makes you feel husband even likes to take her class. Advanced or just learning you will see results. This class works my legs butt and abs but by incorporating yoga into the mix I am not as sore the next day. It forces me to stretch out the tense areas. Her new studio is in the best location in Old town Temecula and so cozy. I've been doing Yoga in the Vineyards w her now for 3 years or so and when my friends come into town I make it a point to take them as it is memorable!!! Love this class! Great instructor!


When I first heard of Bootie Camp Yoga I thought it was more for woman, about 10 minutes into my first class my mind was immediately changed. I found myself training muscles that have been long neglected in my body. As someone who prides himself on peak physical condition I was very excited to find a new way to train more muscles I couldn't train with traditional workouts. My increase of range of motion and core and glute strength has turned me into a passionate promoter of the program. I strongly encourage males to give it a shot, but only if you can live with getting your butt kicked by a girl for 60 minutes. Thank you Michelle Trabelsi & Laura Semenyei for bringing my fitness to a whole new level. February 5, 2014 ~Stephen Thorstensen


Bootie Camp Yoga has changed my life in many ways. To start, I love taking group classes and being in a "team" atmosphere with others that share the same likes as myself. When I discovered Bootie Camp Yoga, I was so excited because I finally found a class that I can get an awesome workout while hitting hardest to get target areas. I really dislike doing cardio, so when I took the class and I was dripping sweat I was so excited because I found something that I can do to detox my body through strength training and burn even more fat than what cardio has to offer (build muscle and burn fat all at once? Yes PLEASE!). in 60- 90 minutes (Either Bootie Camp Yoga or Bootie Camp Yoga Intensive), I can get a total body workout and not have to torture myself at the gym through running my brains out! lol. When I became certified, I was even more excited because I can actually do the class with my students every time without putting too much stress on my body. This class has helped me lose about 5 Ibs. (which the last couple pounds are the hardest), and also completely transformed my body giving me more definition and doing an amazing job at toning my cellulite. I get every age group in Bootie Camp Yoga, and Every fitness level ALL IN ONE CLASS! I have taught many different classes and this has proven to me and my students that if you eat right, this exercise will give you the best results imaginable over every intense exercise you can think of. Go BOOTIE CAMP YOGA! Thank you so much michelle for giving society something that the body deserves (and craves). ~ Laura Semenyei,RYT & BCY Instructor

For men too! I was at the very first BCY class and its appeal to me was immediate. Fun music, great instructor, great variety of movements and results you can really notice (and did I say great instructor!) I would usually rather create my own workouts instead of a class but this takes me further and accomplishes so much more than I could do in such a short time. Like I would work on balancing on my own, right? I love when the cross-fit crowd comes in and struggles, then I know I’m in the right place. The energy from this morning class stays with me the entire day. Can’t say enough good things about it. March 21, 2103 by Chris Monson


I started practicing yoga a few months back with Michelle and after the first class I knew it was something that could help me as a whole. I needed a workout that would clear my mind, help me focus, get me into shape and also that would teach me balance as well as help my anxiety. Nothing I have tried before has ever really worked out for me until I became a regular at Michelle’s yoga classes. From Yin all the way too hot yoga I have fallen in love with the practice. I have taken a few friends to show them what a life can be with yoga in it; hoping to show others what it can really do for you as a whole not just an exercise. It has helped me a lot in my life and give thanks to Michelle for being such an amazingly patient, caring, fun and professional instructor. I have tried all different types of classes and yoga has been the only thing that has stuck for me. I will continue to take her classes and love every time I do that I learn something new and feel challenged as well. Thank You Michelle for everything. Namaste. March 24, 2013 by Jen Reece

I started taking Michelle’s yoga class back at Gold’s gym when one day it morphed into Booty Camp Yoga. I sucked down my pride knowing I would probably be the only man in the class, but I knew it was a great core workout from people who took it at Sweat Cardio and out in wine country. It is probably the most strenuous class I take every week, but the level of difficulty is up to you. Anyhow, have been pretty much a regular since it started. I ditched the light weights and went to kettle bells, and keep upping those every few weeks. The core workout has been great…but I have a problem!  Every pair of pants I own is now baggy on the posterior!!! ~February 18, 2013 by Crispin Courtenay 

I have been practicing under Michelle for two years now. Her philosophies on yoga have changed my life in more ways than one! She is such an inspiration on so many levels. Knowing she is physically disabled and was forced out of her former career but has continued to practice, teach and now create Booty Camp Yoga is such an inspiration to me! I love her positive, encouraging attitude which spills over into her practice. She has encouraged me to continue to practice and to challenge myself and to always modify when necessary. There’s truly a yogi inside us all waiting to get out and I’m blessed that Michelle was the one who unleashed mine. :~} ~August 16, 2011 by Lynette Sanchez
Hi Michelle, I just received an e-mail that my fitness facility Power Pros in Temecula is going to demo a bootie camp yoga class, I was very excited for a new class and to focus on an area I am ALWAYS working on. Then I went a bit deeper into the info for the class and the creator, you, and my excitement and inspiration is beyond boundaries. First I saw your picture and thought WOW amazing body, but what really got me was your story. I can not believe your age only 1 year away from me and your struggle with lower back pain and sciatica, which I have and still struggle with daily. How encouraging to find that your creation has helped your chronic pain and peace of mind, I am hoping it will do the same for me. I am very excited to try the class next week. Thanks for your inspiration, 
~ August 6, 2012 Lisa W.

Hi, I have been taking your Thurs class at Sweat Cardio for the past month - You are fantastic!  I only started practicing at the end of January, you are a terrific teacher! Thanks, 
~March 1, 2012, by Danielle

Michelle, I wanted to thank you for an amazing yoga class this morning at LA Fitness. I absolutely love the music you use. I always end up running home and adding some songs to my yoga playlist. Ever since I took my first class with you over at the Temecula LA Fitness sometime last year, I've thought over and over about how you say "yoga will change your life". I've wondered how and lately I've been seeing the positive results and lessons I've learned from yoga. It's changing how I view myself and how I interact with other people. It's causing me to have healthier relationships...Anyway, I teared up at the end of your class just because of the overwhelming gratefulness of how yoga has truly changed me life... Thank you for the part you had in it! Blessings, ~February 12, 2012 by Nori 



Michelle ROCKS as an instructor... and pairing yoga with wine is amazing! :) Wish we could make it down to Temecula every week! ~December 28, 2011 by Kathy and Mark


Michelle is an amazing yoga instructor. She really cares about the health and well-being of all her students. Definitely recommend her classes! ~December 27, 2011 by Alyssa


LaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingLaughingMichelle is a wonderful yoga teacher! It's nice to be able to get out of the studios and gyms, and practice amongst the vines with live music. Definitely an awesome experience! 
~December 08, 2011 by Brooke


Michelle has changed my life and body!! She is amazing and I would recommend her classes to everyone!! ~December 07, 2011 by Angela Perez


A long yoga practioner, this is simply the best yoga instruction and practice in Temecula/Murrieta Valley area. ~December 04, 2011 by Lyndee


Michelle is by far one of the best Yoga teachers I have ever had the pleasure of practicing with. She truly cares for her students and will put forth the effort to help your practice grow! Consider yourself lucky if you ever get a private lesson or take one of her classes, she is honestly is very talented and a beautiful person! I hope you get the chance to enjoy the beautiful practice that she offers! Also, her esthetics have taken away my need to go on Acutane! Can you ask for anything better?! I think not! ~December 03, 2011 by Kimberly Berrones, RYT
What a great in a beautiful winery setting with live acoustic guitar playing throughout your practice. The perfect way to start your weekend. Michelle is such a positive, in tune instructor. She gently and positively guides you into each pose...encouraging you in your life and practice along the way. I am truly blessed to have this beautiful practice so near my home. Thank you, Michelle and Wiens for making this available! ~December 05, 2011 by Lynette Sanchez


There is nothing like practicing yoga with instructor Michelle outside surrounded by vines. Make it part of your weekly practice - your body will love you for it.  
~December 04, 2011 by Lyndee


I love the experience. Serenity, peace, beauty and increasing my physical, emotional and mental well being all at once! Thank you, Michelle! ~December 05, 2011 by Terry Gavitt


Yoga in the vines with Michelle is a cool concept! I feel relaxed and distressed after my yoga classes with her. I would totally recommend it to everyone! :) 
~December 04, 2011 Tina Castro


Michele has an awesome yoga class! Recommended!!** 
~November 09, 2011 by Ashlynn Propes


Hola Michelle, I wanted to personally thank you for all your positive energy, spirit, and Yoga knowledge over the past month or so. Indeed, Yoga has helped me to relax a bit more and build core strength leading up to an important Exam this past Saturday, including that last class I had with you this past Thursday. I passed the exam!!! Peace.  ~October 2011 by Rich


 Hello Michelle, thanks for an amazing Yoga class last Saturday. I was impressed to say the least with the class and ambience. I have invited many colleagues from my  Department. I look forward to the next class. Peace, Yoga, and Pilates. P.S. Love your technique.  

~August 2011 by Rich